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If you’d like to work from home testing websites, here are 11 sites to check out.


Get paid to test out websites. Simply fill out the user registration form and wait to be contacted by email for tasks. Each task will require you to read the instructions, complete the set task on the website, and record your session. Tests usually take between 10 – 15 minutes and pay $10 per test. Payments are made via PayPal.


Make money by testing out websites. To enroll in the program submit your email address, password, and pick your preferred method of testing (desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone). Once you’re fully registered, you’ll receive emails when assignments are ready for you. Assignments vary in nature, as does the pay. I did one assignment that took less than a minute and it paid .10 cents. Payments are made via PayPal.

Feedback Army

Make money answering questions about various websites. Tests consist of 10 questions. If you’d like to work for Feedback Army, you’ll need to sign up through Amazon Mechanical Turk. After you complete your task through Amazon Mechanical Turk, the requester will approve your work, and your money will be deposited into your Amazon Payment account.


Earn money by answering questions about startup websites. Each company provides their website and assigns tasks that they would like you to complete and provide answers for. After you complete the assignment you’ll share your thoughts in a written response. Each completed test pays $5.00 and payments are made weekly via PayPal.


Earn $10 for 15 – 20 minutes of your time. To become part of the TryMyUI team first sign up for an account. Next you’ll need to take and pass a qualification test. The qualification test is a sample test that shows you understand the process and requirements. After you qualify you’ll be sent test opportunities via email. Payments are made biweekly via PayPal.


Get paid $10 for providing your thoughts on various websites. To become a website tester, register for an account, and take a sample test. Once your sample is approved, you’ll start getting assignments by email. Payments are made via PayPal at the end of each week.


Make money for providing feedback on websites, applications, prototypes, concepts and more. To apply, register for an account, and then wait for an invite to complete an assignment. Once you’ve completed your assignment you’ll be paid $10 per task via PayPal.

User Testing

11 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Out WebsitesEarn $10/$15 for 20 minutes of work. To become a tester – submit your email address and apply. Testers must take a sample test before receiving any assignments. This gig is open to US and International residents alike who are able to receive payments via PayPal. Each test takes about 15 – 20 minutes.


Make $10 for completing 5 website tasks and answering 5 written questions. Just register as a user, complete a qualification test, and once approved wait for assignments to be sent via email. Payments are made to PayPal within 15 days.


Get paid to give feedback on clients’ websites. To get started fill out the application and take a sample test. Once you’ve been approved you’ll receive assignments via email. Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete and pays 8 £ or around $12.50 US dollars. Payments are made via PayPal on the 25th day of each month.

You Eye

Make money by performing an array of tasks such as adding an item to a shopping cart or using a new mobile phone application. To apply fill out an application, try a sample study, and once you’re accepted you’ll earn $12 per completed assignment. Payments are made via PayPal.


Validately hires testers to complete mobile and website tests for companies. Compensation varies: Complete a 5-minute test and get paid $5 bucks. Live tests where you speak via phone and share a screen with a moderator, pay a minimum of $25 for 30 minutes. Payments are made via PayPal within 5 business days of the test.

To make the most out of this work at home opportunity, sign up with as many website testing companies as possible.


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