Do you think that saving this planet is a responsibility for heroes only? You might be true, but do you know that you can be a hero too? There are many simple ways to start your eco friendly lifestyle to give this planet a helping hand. Take these easy steps to save the earth and also save your money.

13 eco-friendly ways to save money

13 steps to start your eco friendly lifestyle

1. Eat at home

Preparing your meals is not only good for your health and your wallet but also for the environment. Eating fastfood seems convenient but actually it is not. The dishes brought by fast food chains and restaurants are often wrapped up with plastics and paper and the delivery process often needs a lot of energy. Eating at home helps you to start your healthy and clean dishes without hurting the environment. So do not waste your time, cook your own meal to save some more money.

2. Eat less meat

Meat is both expensive and bad for the environment. Many forests around the world have been destroyed for raising cows. In addition, meat production causes severe consequences such as carbon emissions. Being a vegetarian might be difficult for many of us but how about trying new dishes with carrots and peas? Eating green is also living green.

3. Plant your own garden

Have you ever dreamt about having a secret garden? That dream might come true, and also that dream is so good for your health and this planet. Plant some small trees by the window, make room for green and do you know that it is not complicated to grow some herbs of your own? Growing your food can be fun and easy.

4. Have your own reusable bottle

Can you count the money you spent on bottles of water? You can save that money by buying yourself a lovely BPA-free watter of bottle. It is estimated that 80% of bottles are not recycled properly. It is even worse that because of the plastic production process, it costs three times of the amount of water needed to produce one bottle.

5. Turn off the taps

It sounds familiar but do you remember to always turn off the taps you do not use? Many people have the habit of letting the tap run when washing their face, brushing their teeth, and so on. Turning off the tap everytime you do not need can save much water and of course, your water bill.

6. Have a shower

Having a fancy bath might cure your hard day at work, but bath uses water twice as much as shower. Do you know that heating more water means you have to pay more for your electricity bill too?

7. Unplug everything

Look around your room, unplug all the appliances you are not using such as your hair dryer, your fan… as many of them waste so much electricity even when they are turned off. Computers, modems, DVD players never really sleeping. They can use so much electricity so the only way to saving your bill is to unplug all of them.

8. Stop buying, start borrowing

Do you often read a book twice? Do you need to buy that dress to go to a prom and then hardly wear it again? Consider borrowing stuff as it costs much less than purchasing.

9. Work at home

Have you ever talked to your boss that you want to work from home sometimes or most of the time? If he says Yes, you can save so much by not having to travelling to office everyday. You can reduce the gasoline bill each month which will also reduce air pollution. As a bonus, you will not have to wear makeup and what about wearing pijamas while worrking? Awesome!

10. Do not print your bank paper

Some banks pay you a dollar a month to get rid of paper statements. You might be surprised to know that if every American chooses online statements instead of paper ones, there would be enough money to send 17000 college graduates to university.

11. Have yourself a rechargeable battery

The money you spend on rechargeable battery will never be too much as in the long run the efficient battery will help you save money . The acid in the batteries thrown away is very dangerous and it is toxic to the soil. Try saving your wallet and give the Earth a helping hand.

12. Buy smart and use what you buy

US household wastes 40% of the food they buy and we all know there are so many people are starving around the world. Wasting the food you do not eat is wasting your money. Furthermore, food cannot produce themselves, people need water and energy to produce food.
Buy only things you need. Before purchasing an item, ask yourself these question:

  • Do I need it or I just want it?
  • Do I have room for it? Where will I keep it?
  • How many times will I use it Only buy in bulk when you are sure you will use all of an item.

13. Hold a backyard sale

Secondhand things are often cheaper, so buying used items will help you saving money. You can also earn some more by selling things you do not use anymore (instead of keeping them and leaving them alone). Let your furnitures and clothes have a new life and a new home, do no just keep them in dust.

Living green is a good lifestyle for everyone as it not only makes this world a better place but also helps people manage their money better. Take steps to save the planet while you are living at it and earn some more money. Why not? Share with us your ideas of eco-friendly lifestyle below!