Have you ever act frantically about your daughter when she grown up someday?

When she become a mother and have finanical problems like you now.
Don't worry and keep calm cause you've these tips to teach them.

Three important financial lessons will keep your daughter away from financial pressure.

1. How to save

As you know, the reality is that you need to spending carefully to save your money for the urgent events. And the common financial advice you can see is that you need to save at least 20% per your income - 10% for long-term goals such as retirement or preparing for your child's student life and 10% into a liquid emergency fund.
With your kids, maybe we need to start form 20% of every dollar which you give her. It is the small saving habit as the good seed that make your kids become the responsible person with money.

2. How to spend

Let's allow your kids learn to spend and be responsible with her spending.
And the secret is that you need to teach her about the value of money especially the value of labour you've wasted to earn that money.

The crucial thing you should know is you need to make her feel free and not be under the pressure.
She need to feel the important factor of money with her and her labour, not because of your worry.

3. How to negotiate

When your kids become teennagers, maybe you should consider if your daughter started her career with an $80,000 salary instead of $75,000 and increased that salary at 5% per year on average instead of the 3% we used in our earlier example. Using the Lifetime Income Calculator, you can see she’d have made $9.5 million dollars over her working career instead of $5.6 million — not quite a double but substantially different.

Let her do the negotiating to sell household items at a yard sale — then let her keep the difference if she is able to sell it above your bottom-line price. Negotiation can be fun!
If you aren’t a good negotiator yourself, enlist the help of someone in your life who is.

Making more money and learning to manage it well can make a big difference in your daughter’s life.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/

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