Hey Australian Money Lovers! Can you see everything around you are automatic: Automatic banking, automatic transfering money, automatic paying. So why do you have to record daily expenses manually after cash payment? You now can link Money Lover wallet to bank accounts, which records your transactions automatically. Bank account management never can be easier!

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1. Automatically synchronizing your banking transaction history

All your expense will be automatically and particularly recorded. You will be totally hand-free - not take time to insert each bill you pay. More than that, you can link your Money Lover wallet to all the banking accounts you have.

Linked wallet to bank account

2. Automatically classifying and making report and forecast your monthly expenses

Your transactions will be immediately arranged into various groups of income, expense and debt&loan. After that, the data will be analysed and put into charts, which helps track your monthly expenses.

You also can plan an amount of money that you should spend each month with Budget feature. Money Lover can forecast your future expenses based on the transactions you did. It helps you avoid budget overcoming. You will be easier to make decisions about future expenses.

Automatic making report

3. Storing your banking transactions better

When you want to review banking transactions, you can see SMS from bank, or print bank statements from ATM. But now, everything is more convenience with Money Lover. All the transactions will be recorded and arranged into category. Therefore, you just have to take a glance to know what you have paid, which is more exciting than reading a long and boring message from the bank.

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Currently, we have been supporting linking wallet to 6 banks in Australia. See the banks here.