Not only recording your daily expenses by cash, but by now Money Lover also stores and analyses your banking transactions automatically! Bank account management is now quicker and more convenient. (See more:

Can you see what is better? A long and boring message from the bank or a well-classified and visual note from Money Lover?

Text messages from bank and linked wallet interface

If you have bank accounts, let’s start linking it to your wallet with 5 simple steps below:

1. Open Money Lover app and choose “Connect to banks”

Connect to bank For iOS devices, add a new wallet and tap "Link to services"

2. Search for a bank, for example CIMB

We are now supporting banks from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. See more: Linked wallet list

3. Accept license terms

4. Enter your bank account & tap “connect”

5. Waiting for connection and retrieving transactions from bank account.

After successfully connected to bank account, the transaction history is automatically synchronized to Money Lover wallet. Your future transactions will be also recorded automatically without importing by hand! Tracking your daily expenses by card becomes simple and convenient than ever!

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