In average, American househoulds usually pay $64 a month for cable and that comes to helfty $768 per year.

It is quite a large of money so how to save that money but still watching full of channels you like ?

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8 cost - effective alternatives to cable

It’s easier than you may think. These are 8 alternatives to cable that save you hundreds of dollars.

Online Network channels = Free

Most major network are now posting recently aired episodes to their websites for a limited amount of time. You can see all of your favorite TV shows such as Master Chef US or American Next Top Models … or serial movies like CSI, Revenge…

Youtube/Vimeo = Free

Youtube is well-known for distributing viral content like Breaking-News, movies, TV shows and whaterver you want! It’s also a great place to get an education. In the spans of a few minutes, you can learn everything from how to put on eyeliners to how to improve your English skill. Check out Vimeo for indie films and documentaries.

Library = Free

That’s a new but not new. You can find everything from contenporary TV shows to workout videos at your local public library. The only downside is that you have to leave you home and drive to the local library.

Netflix= $8 per month

You’ll just have to wait until a season ends to even get started. But it’s a special thing, no commercials. Accessing the service shouldn’t be a problem either. You probadly have 10 devices in you house right now that came preloaded with the Netflix app.

HBO NOW = $15 per month

According to the company’s website, HBO NOW subscribers will have “instant access to every episode of every season” of HBO’s catalog of shows beginning in April. The service will also include popular feature films.

Sling TV = $20 per month

Sling TV includes 17 live channels like AMC, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, HGTV and Disney. There are also $5 add-on packages for sports fans, movie buffs and your little ones. If ESPN has been the only reason you’ve clung to your cable box, you may be out of excuses now.

Roku = $49.99 per month

Roku offer hundreds of free channels from Youtube to PBS – allows you to stream services like Netflix and Hulu, and lets you rent or buy individual shows and movies.

Apple TV = $69 per month

What makes Apple TV different from the other streaming devices is it allows complete access to the iTunes cache of films an video, and let you stream content from all Apple devices.

These are a little suggestion which may help you make the best suitable decision for your needs and your finances.
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