Do you have any repetitive incomes or expenses that you wish to be added automatically to Money Lover? Wait no more, this tool is for you!

What is a recurring transaction

The Recurring Transactions tool is an automatic method to add repetitive transactions. Transactions will only appear in your wallet when they reach the time you have anticipated in the setting of Recurring Transactions.
Remember that the Recurring Transactions settings are not attached and synced in your account’s data.

How to set up a Recurring Transactions schedule

To add periodical transactions, open the left menu then choose Recurring Transactions.
Tap the Plus button (+) to add a new Recurring Transaction.
You will need to fill in the information of your Recurring Transaction:
recurring transaction

1. The amount of money of the Recurring Transaction

2. The category of the Recurring Transaction

3. Add a note if necessary

4. Repeat: you can choose repeat daily/weekly/monthly/yearly

5. The wallet of the recurring transaction

Then you tap “Done” to finish and save.
For example, you buy a cup of coffee at the cafeteria everyday, you will set your Recurring Transaction like this:

How to set up a Bills Manager schedule

Bills Manager helps you monitor your repetitive bills such as electricity, rent, Internet subscription, etc. Money Lover will notify you when a bill is due.

To add a repetitive bill, open the left menu then choose Bills. Tap the Plus button (+) to add a new one. Fill in the information ( which is similar to Recurring Transactions) of your Bill.
bills In the Bills section, you can see your balance and your upcoming bills for the rest of the month.
pay the bill Touch “Pay” to pay your bill and record the transaction.

Do you have any comments on Money Lover’s Recurring Transactions and Bill Manager tools? Share with us below!