In the world of so many "me too" financial apps, Money Lover gives you unlimited power to customize categories. We visualize them into icons for almost everything one can possibly spend money on.

...Including Banks.

Non-cash transactions are everywhere now. We pay for our movie tickets, dinners and shop online without handing out a bunch of bills.

Money Lover can give you the clearest view on your bank transactions with a series of Bank Icon Packs, starting with Bank of Thailand!

16 popular banks are featured in this icon pack, including : Bank of Ayudhya, Bangkok Bank, TMB Bank, Krungthai Bank, CIMB Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, United Overseas Bank, Thanachart Bank, Citibank, etc

Have you found your banks? Rush to Money Lover Store and get them now.

We'll be covering Banks in others countries soon!