You have a lot of bank transactions every day, but feel extremely cumbersome to manually update each time making transactions. Bank Statement - our updated feature - will be a smart choice for people who usually carry out bank transactions and want to save as much time for adding transactions as possible.

Collecting all transactions through only 1 file

This is the feature allowing every transaction updated through bank statement file downloaded from your internet banking account. Through several simple steps, your bank transactions will be added accurately and properly.

Buying convenience and efficiency at no charge


With Bank Statement feature, all of your bank transactions will be updated after some seconds.
Instead of 4 steps to add transactions every day:
1. Open Money Lover
2. Add transactions manually
3. Select category
4. Save the changes

you just have to do 3 steps every week/month:
1. Export a bank statement file from your internet banking account
2. Upload it to Money Lover
3. Save the changes

Done! Your transactions are updated and grouped immediately!


With Bank Statement feature, what you add is not a single transaction but multiple ones at the same time. You can dispel the worry about adding too many transactions, or adding them wrongly, and enjoy your lives!

According to our statistics, if not manually adding transactions after each time spending on something, you can save up to 60 minutes every week. When using this feature, you can gain for yourself those 60 minutes to do whatever you want!


Especially, this feature is totally FREE! You don’t need to pay anything but still can enjoy all the advantages Bank Statement brings about.

Right now, this feature supports most of the banks in Vietnam. However, if your bank is not on this list, you can help yourself and other people. Just by sending us the sample bank statement from your bank to the email: [email protected], it will be put into our support system.

  • With the advantages in both convenience and effectiveness, Bank Statement feature will help you a lot in effective financial management.

As always, tell us about your experiences through Help&Support in-app, email to [email protected] or keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter. We are looking forward to your feedback to make it better and better together.