After buying something, receipts are the most trouble things: it's messy to keep at home or office, but if you throw them away, there will be sometime you need them to review your expenses to see where your money goes.

The easiest way: keep them in a box

ways to keep receipts Simply, you will need a box - and pour your receipts into it. Your house or office may look messy, and cramped, but when you need to review receipts, you can find them back.
You also can devide the box into smaller boxes and classify the receipts by time or category.
The weaknesses of keeping recepts in a box include: easy to be broken, take time to find and spaceless.

Tidy way: Take photos

Take photos of receipts With your smartphone, you can easy to keep your receipts by photos. You will not keep a shearf of paper anymore. However, you should improve your phone's memory and take time to classify the photos of receipts into a different album, not be miscellaneous with your photographs. Moreover, the photos on the phone look quite similar - you may be confused when you want to find out how much you spent on cherry box at supermarket last week.

You also can store it on Google Photo, iCloud or Dropbox but they seem not the best way if you really need manage personal finances.

But what you should really do is: Do it with Money Lover

Money Lover can scan your receipts and automatically add transactions for you. The photos of receipts will be stored by Money Lover, so you won't worry about changing your device or losting your phone.
store and track your spending with reciepts

After being scaned, the transactions will have enough information: a picture of receipt, category, amount, note, time, wallet and place. You don't have to add it manually. See how cool is it:

  1. Store online
  2. Keep track it with Money Lover
  3. View your spending reports
  4. More convenience

*Special note for Premium user: You can attach pictures with your transactions.

Open Money Lover and experience Scan Receipt feature rightnow!

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