Fact: The uplifting and well-designed icons bring your money management to a whole other level. We keep adding more icon packs, so you are less and less likely to find yourself with incongruous or missing icons.

That said, we only want to make the packs that our users love to choose. And we often need to pick your brain on new ideas, and sometimes, even reach out to you IRL, and get inspired.


Like this time, we set to visit Thailand, the land of delicious food, gorgeous beaches and party hot spots. But more than anything, you'll fall in love with Thai people, and how 99% of them smile back at you, whenever they happen to see your smile :)


Some people in the streets also recognized us (with Money Lover shirts on, duh...) We exchanged some ideas and food, too! The team came back realizing how cool it'd be to make an icon pack for Thailand.


You'll find only Thai-est things in this pack of 20 icons: tomyum, coconut juice, 7-Eleven, the "tuktuk",... - So if you love the paradise country of Thailand, this is the icon pack to go for.

iconpack4 Thailand icon pack is just a click away, go to Money Lover store and own it today !