It’s the most wonderful time of the year, if you are already missing the road, this is the perfect season for you to go explore the world. Do not let the fear of breaking the bank prevent you from having the best vacation ever. Although travelling might seem expensive, you can still save a bundle by looking at these amazing tips! Don’t waste your time, plan you budget-friendly trip now!

Best tips for a budget-friendly winter vacation

1. Airfare

Booking a flight is often an important step in planning your trip. Flight tickets always cost a lot so here are the tips for you:

Make sure to check out all the deals avaiable.Try to look at different airlines, look into round trip tickets because sometimes round trip tickets are much cheaper than one way ones.

Always travel light, bringing too much not only waste your time but also your money. The airline charges you for everything. Consider only the essential things you need to bring with you on the trip.

2. Eating

Do no eat randomly. You have to plan your meal if you want to save money. And this is how you plan your meal:

Decide where you eat and what you eat before going out. Check all the review and recommendation, look at the price. This will help both your wallet and your stomach. In case you cannot plan your meal, try to stay away from touristy restaurants and keep on walking until you find a place where you can find many locals eat there.

If you travel to a place where the food is too expensive, try some cost-nothing- breakfast with the bread bought from the supermarket the night before.

If you want to treat yourself with a fancy meal, treat yourself with a fancy lunch rather than a fancy dinner. Not only lunch is often cheaper than dinner but also, eating more for breakfast and lunch and less for dinner is better for your health.

  1. Avoid the food at the hotel as it is often expensive and also not tasty.
  2. Bring your own bottle, buy water can quickly add up.

3. Transportation

  1. Try to take public transportations as much as possible. Taking a taxi is often faster but also more costly.

  2. Taking night train and flights if the transportation is going to take too long, this will help you save some money on accommodation and avoid wasting time.

  3. Rent a car or motorbike so you can stick to your own schedule and also save money. You will not have to wait for a bus and you will never be late for the last train, be your own driver.

  4. Keep on walking, it is good for your health, your wallet and also the environment.

4. Accommodation:

Always book in advance, consider choosing a smaller town near where you are going instead of staying in a big expensive hotel.

Choose a dorm bed in a hostel, make friends with other travellers. You will have more fun and save a lot of money.

What about accommodation for free? Try couchsurfing, find a host and start packing now!Accommodation can cost a lot. Think about how much you will save if you do not have to pay for hotels and rooms.

And so many other tips:

Travel in group to share money and also save money. Splitting bills, taxis… is the best way to reduce the cost.

Be friendly, talk to the locals to understand more about the culture. Many locals are willing to help. They will tell you where to eat and find the things you need.

Make use of your age, student and membership card: many attractions have discount for students so do not let you student ID card at home.

You can easily forget your purse on a table coffee so to avoid losing all your money, passport, cards… you should wear a money belt. Remember that if you are not losing money then you are saving it.

You do not have to go to all the “must-see” locations as the entrance tickets are often expensive. Pick 1 or 2 must see spots that you like then spend the rest of your time explore other free alternatives.

A winter getaway might sound costly but it is said that travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer so why wait? Just take all these tips to start planning your budget friendly trip and nothing will prevent you from having the most wonderful holiday ever!