Just like the 2018 New Year’s resolution, 80 percent of the young professionals like you are unable to follow the budgeting they had planned. This is basically due to the common budgeting mistakes committed by the millennial. If you understand where you go wrong while planning a budget, you will probably make amends to attain successful budgeting.

Not keeping an eye on your expenses

The most common mistake that you do while planning the budget is not keeping a track of your expenditures. If you do not know how much money you have spent, how will you plan your budget? To make a budget work, you need to know approximately how much money is needed for different requirements.

keep track your expenses

Lack of budgeting software

If you have been trying to plan out your budget manually, you may not be successful. Have you heard about Budget Spreadsheet? You can find lots of template on Google to start organizing your finances.

However, Budgeting software will enable you to estimate your expenses in context to your income. All you need to do is download online budgeting systems from a reliable source which will manage all your transaction from your banks and categorize them. You will be able to see your accounts at a glance.

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keep track of every small expenditures

Forget to take into account small expenditures

It is easy to allocate your money for major expenses whereas small expenditures are neglected. You need to set aside some money for items irrespective of its size and frequency. This will give you a better picture of your budget.

If you keep these points in mind, you would be able to pull your budget planning through the month.

After recording all of your expenditures, you will have an overview report of total expenses, incomes and how much you can save after a month or week. Let take a look to Money Lover reports and how it works for you.

expense reports

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Money Lover is the best expense tracker and budget planner on mobile. You can get it and Android and iOS to start keeping track of daily expenses and plan monthly budgets.

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