It is almost time, Santa Claus is coming to town! Prepare yourself for the most wonderful Christmas without facing financial issues. Here are the tips to start planning your holiday on a budget:

1. Have a budget in advance

It is important for you to start planning for Christmas as the holiday is coming closer. You will have to note down how much money you can pay for food, gifts, decoration and anything you need for Christmas. When you have figured out how much you will spend, now you will decide who gets what.
You should avoid borrowing more to spend because you will have to face debt when the holiday is over. If you feel like you do not have enough money, start your saving plan from today and you might need to cut off some of your expense. Many things are not needed and are usually wasted at Christmas time such as bows, ribbon, stickers… Spending too much money on lights might also be a bad idea. Use enough and save your electricity bill.
To start your saving plan, you can use Excel, write down on your notebook or simply just download Money Lover on your phone to keep track of your plan.

2. Stick to your budget

You will need to stick to your budget if you want to make Christmas happen.
When you buy what you have planned before, do not spend more than what you have.
Even when you have a plan, that does not mean you cannot change it. What if you come across the perfect gift you have never thought about before? A change in your decision might influence the whole plan. Changes are not bad, but if they make you over-spend, they will be.So be careful if you are going to buy what not in the budget plan.

3. Make use of sales to do your shopping

Do not wait until Black Friday or year end sales to do your shopping. If the things you need to buy are out of stock at the last moment, you might have to pay more.
You should take advantage of the sales during the year such as summer end sale or private sales. You can always buy Christmas cards, toys or clothes at any time, so make use of the time when they are cheaper. Keep the list of the things you have bought so that you will not buy them twice.

4. Try DIY (Do-it-yourself)

DIY your Christmas What if you can make your gifts and decorations by yourself? You will save a bunch!
Think about what you can do best and take advantage of your skills. Handmade gifts are unique, personal and lovely. You can cook for your parents their favorite dishes or give your boyfriend a special mix tape. They will love the gifts come from your heart. You can consider save on the wrapping by using packing paper instead of wrapping paper. Wrap the gifts and make Chrismas cards by yourself might be super fun!
You can also make your own Christmas decorations. Many ornaments for your tree can be made from items which you already have.

5. Take advantage of your Christmas decorations:

When Christmas is over, make sure to store your decorations well for next year. Carefully wrap and box fragile decorations so that they will not be broken. Whenever you are about to throw anything away, think if you can use them again. This will not only help you save money but also good for the environment. Recycling is simple and easy in many ways.

There are a lot of great ways to enjoy this holiday season but do not forget to control your budget. Make a list, spend a day with your family to come up with a perfect plan and jingle bell, here comes the most beautiful season of the year!