What are your motivations to record expenses and manage money everyday? You may plan to be married next year, or to buy new phone/laptop at the end of this year. By now, Money Lover strengthens your motivation by Credit Feature

What credit can do for you?

Money Lover updated version in August 2017 allows people earn and spend credits.

If you have used Scan Receipt feature, you must know that each receipt needs 1000 credits to be scaned. This is a useful feature, effectively help you manage receipts and save time comparing to adding transactions by hand.

money lover scan receipt feature

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In the near future, except from scanning receipts, credits can redeem coupon/voucher from Money Lover and our partners. Therefore, let's earn and save credits from now to receive wonderful gifts in the future.

How to earn credits in Money Lover?

money lover credit feature

At the present, there are 2 ways to earn credits in Money Lover app:

1. Adding transactions everyday. You will earn 100 credits for the first transaction of the day.

*Note: Adding transactions everyday not only helps you record your daily expenses, but creates a lively report for you to manage you money better!

2. Purchase credits from Money Lover's store: Visit Money Lover store to find out more.

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Are you ready to earn and owe credits? Go update the latest version of Money Lover rightnow!