Crypto wallet for cryptocurrencies

“Grrr! It drives me nuts when switching continuously to control my money in cash, bank, and cryptocurrency. Wait… I even have to check different dashboards to keep track of it? So time-wasting!”

Is it what makes you, crypto traders, go bananas? Dispel your worry with Money Lover, a world-leading app and first mover in helping you manage all types of money! We are launching a brand new feature: CRYPTO WALLET for crypto traders to gain the full control of your transactions in the cryptocurrency world.

Don’t know yet about Cryptocurrency? Find out about it here.

Can’t wait to explore this awesome feature? Let’s go!

1. What is Crypto wallet?

Crypto wallet will automatically record your crypto transactions in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Litecoin(LTC). All you need is to make any transactions you want, then look at Crypto wallet to have a full report of them.
Crypto wallet In this beta version, you can use Cryptocurrency wallet on your Android devices only. However, Cryptocurrency wallet will appear soon on iOS and Windows.

2. Why is it so special?

special Auto-record your transactions. You will not have to spend hundreds hours recording each transactions by hands. With the benefit of automatically synchronizing your crypto transaction history, you will also avoid making mistakes while adding them manually.

Auto-classify transactions chase on categories. When the transactions are automatically updated, they are immediately classified into different categories to help you manage your personal finance better.

Find it easier and faster to keep track of ALL transactions in just-1-dashboard: Stop the nightmare of switching among different dashboards or platforms to check your transactions.

And of course, IT IS SAFE!!! We’ve developed this feature using Read-only mode from Coinbase account and just it! No Credential Information is stored!

Note that Crypto wallet is not “wallet” in “crypto wallet providers”. “Wallet” here is the place to store your transactions history. Money Lover now has 3 wallets: Basic wallet, Linked wallet and Crypto wallet.

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