Budget, simply, is plan to spend your money.

Go to the left menu (Android, Windows) or Planning tab (iOS) and select Budgets. Tap to

You need determining the category such as Food & Beverage, Shopping or Friend & Lover; then set a goal for that.

For example, the budget for Food & Beverage for this month is $500. You can also set budget for All Categories for a month, quarter and even year.

1. Tap "Planning" and choose "Budget"
2. Take the category and type the amount you want to limit your spending.
3. Set up your duration of the budget "This month/This year/This quarter".

add the first wallet

You will be noticed of remaining ammount left or in case you are overspent.

add the first wallet

Download Money Lover at here and start to plan budgets on your phone, tablet & PC.

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