Credit card misuse, which leads to Home Loan problem is now one of the biggest monetary issue that Malaysian have to face. However, don’t be worried as Money Lover are here and willing to be your hero.

With the outstandingly preeminent feature of Money Lover, which is Linked Wallet, you can now acquire money management, make an efficient plan for your budget and accordingly, your aspirations of having a new car or new house are not a dream anymore.

Functions of Linked Wallet

Linked wallet enables users to Save time and energy by automatically recording their transactions from electronic purchases.

Just Imagine that now you don't need to add transaction by hand when enjoying meals in El Cerdo Restaurant or going shopping at BB Plaza. Easy, right?

Let's check out this video to see how Linked Wallet works <3


If the problem of security are preventing you from achieving your dream, please visit here: How we ensure the safety of Linked Wallet

Money Lover has now expanded our list of supported Banks in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other payment service.

In Malaysia, we are currently supporting

Connecting to MayBankMayBank
Connecting to Public Bank Berhad Public Bank Berhad
Connecting to RHB RHB

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