This is an useful tip for Money Lovers

When you want to convert currencies, you have TWO choices:
1. Google to find the rate between 2 currencies, and calculate the money. It takes you at least 1 min
2. Open Exchanger and enter a number: You can exchange among various currencies within 10s!

Exchanger make everything simple and quick.

Exchanger interface

What it can do for you

  1. Easy and quick Exchange money
  2. Upgrade the latest exchange rate from Yahoo Finance
  3. Exchange to multiple currencies

More than that, you should have Exchanger in your phone because it's not occupy memory capacity, the file is really small and fast-to-download.

animation effect

SO COOL: Animation effect of Exchanger, just swipe to the left to remove numbers and swipe to the right to take them back!

How to use

Firstly, choose the currency that you want to exchange (US Dollar for example)
Secondly, choose the currencies that you want to exchange to (you can choose more than 1 currency)
Finally, enter a number and enjoy exchanging!

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