Why do we need "Exclude from report" feature?

You are having 2 Money Lover wallets: one for cash, and one for bank account.

Generally, when you are out of cash, you will withdraw an amount from bank. Therefore, in cash wallet we have an income transaction and in bank wallet we have a withdrawal transaction. We have 2 more transactions that make the total income and expenses change, but the money is your, it does not really go anywhere but your wallet.

What does that mean?

Let's see this example. Your total monthly income is $1000 and it is sent monthly to you bank account. You withdraw $500 to add in cash wallet, the cash wallet will have an income of $500. And when you review the total wallet, your monthly income goes up to $1500. Is it wrong?

To deal with that problems, "exculde from report" button appears. When you add a transaction which does not affect the money you have, tick the "exclude from report" button.

To use this feature, firstly you have to turn on "Exclude from report" in Settings:

exclude from report settings Money Lover

The transaction still appears in the wallet, but it is not added up in the report. In report section, it goes to "other expenses"

money lover exclude from report reports

This feature help you has an accurate report to manage your money better!