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  1. How to scan your receipts
  2. Take a look at Money Lover Store

Before you read This guide is for Money Lover on Android, and it's completely similar with Windows Phone. In case you are #teamiOs, click this for a guide specially made for you.

Quickly Add Expense With Scan Receipts

You're living in the world where most of your transactions come with bills such as Internet, or grocery receipts... It's a good thing to track your spending, but you may sometimes find it hard to record and remember how much you spend.

To help you keep track and manage your expenses more easily, Money Lover now supports Scan receipts.

To use Scan receipts:

  • Tap menu on the top left of the screen, select Scan receipts
  • Take a picture of your receipt.


When Money Lover is done processing the receipt, you will get a notification to confirm the transaction. Then it is automatically added to your wallet.

You've got to try this awesome feature for limited times. After that you may need credits to use it, so where to find your credits?

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  • Handle your bills easily and with style, why not? Get credits now to scan receipts.
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