Do you know what Money Lover is the most afraid on Halloween?

💥On October Money Lover had some problems which impacted on user experience. The biggest fear of Money Lover is that users will don't use the application anymore. Money Lover Team apologizes and reviews seriously the problem.

To express our apologies and thank you for your understanding, Money Lover would like to give you "70% discount code" when purchasing Premium. Hope you will continue use and love Money Lover. Happy Halloween❤️


Photo: The advantages of Premium version

Steps to receive the gift 🎁

🔽Step 1: Go to "Store" (in-app) >> select "Enter code"

🔽Step 2: Enter the code "Halo70" >> "Go Premium" to upgrade

How to redeem code? 🎃

Please update the last version of Money Lover on Android & iOS store before using code.

✔️On Android

Go to Left menu ☰ >> Store >> Enter Code

On Android

✔️On iOS

Go to More on Tab Bar >> Store >> Enter Code

On iOS

🚫Note: Code will expire on October 31st - November 1st. Hurry up, don't miss this promotion!

💟Lots of people upgraded to PREMIUM and love it. Will you join our Premium community to support us? Don't forget the code "Halo70" to upgrade!