Credit card is being more and more common in these days due to its usability. We can say that people who are using Credit Card are experiencing the latest trend of payment.

What is Credit Wallet? Credit Wallet is the latest feature of Money Lover.
Credit Wallet will help you...:
Record your credit transactions, then allocate them into categories in the most efficient way
Also remind you whenever it’s coming closer to the due date, helping you to dispel your worries about credit interest.

For those who are using credit card as the modern form of payment to shopping,... especially in developing countries, this feature is a really must-try tool.

How to use Credit Wallet?
Below is some step-by-step instructions for you to try out Credit Wallet in Money Lover

Step 1: Update the latest version of Money Lover on Appstore/ Google Play Store
Step 2: In Wallet Manage page, Click “Add a Wallet”
Step 3: Choose “Credit Wallet”
Step 4: Add in your Credit Wallet’s name, also pick your icon and exchange currency
Step 5: Fill in your information

In this step, you will only need to fill in some required information including your credit limit, your last standing balance, the statement date (the day you received your credit statement from the bank) and the payment due date (the day you will have to pay back your credit amount to the bank) to complete your Credit Wallet.

Step 6: Click “Save” to finish the process

Bravo! You have successfully equipped yourself a very useful “weapon” on your journey to master the skill of spending and financial management. Hope you have the best experience using MoneyLover.