Bank Feed

What's Finsify Bank Feeds?

Finsify Hub is a third-party that accesses online accounts to retrieve account balance and transactions. Finsify connects to hundreds of online banking websites and financial institutions worldwide to retrieve financial information and make it electronically available to customers.

How does it work?

You provide your online credentials when you set up a Linked Wallet in Money Lover. Finsify Hub stores your online banking user name and password details in a highly secure system. Finsify Hub uses these details only to log into online banking on your behalf and retrieve your account transaction data in read-only mode.

Money Lover does not store or use your online banking user name and password details.

read your bank statement

Finsify Hub downloads bank statement sends them into Money Lover

Finsify Hub accesses your online banking site 4 times a day, downloading any new statement data and sending it securely into your Money Lover's Linked Wallet.

Bank statement data contains the following:

  1. New transactions
  2. Account balance
  3. Transaction description details.

Classification system is able to label raw bank statement by defining its category automatically that gives you a better reports of your money.