As many users concern about safety and security of Linked Wallet, we have the answer for your: Money Lover is incredibly safe for all of your bank account information!


The service of linking to bank account in Money Lover is supplied by Finsify Hub, with lisence terms in this link:

Finsify Hub commit to secure your account information with the lastest and highest security standard. You have all the rights to your information, including thoroughly delete your data when you stop using the service.

The features of transfering, analysing and processing data will be automatically implemented to ensure security and privacy of your account information. Money Lover is provided with just your banking transactions information by Finsify Hub, to run some features of money management. Money Lover can not access to your login information. You can read more about how Finsify Hub works in this article:

By using the service of Finsify Hub, Money Lover hopes that you can experience the advance of technology in money management, without any concern about security.