The first step to get started with Money Lover app is to create a wallet. Wallet is an account representing for a subject of specific source that generates income or expense. You can create multiple wallets to separate different sources and customize them to match your purpose.

creat wallet

Wallet name: Choose your name for your wallet to differentiate the sources of your money. For exampale: Cash, Bank of America account, Paypal Account, Church Fund, Football Club, etc. Your wallet name must be between 1 to 25 characters.

Currency: Choose the currency of your money. You can choose more than 160 currencies.

Initial balance: This is the starting amount of money which represent how much you have in your wallet/account when you start recording with Money Lover.

Exclude from total: Choose this option to exclude the wallet from "Total Wallet". As you can create multiple wallets and also be shared some, at the same time you can have wallets representing your cash, bank account, or the fund of the Football Club, your company's fund. Choose this "Exclude from Total" for those that does not belong to your personal finance in order to see the most accurate value of the Total Wallet.

creat wallet

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