Every girl knows the struggle: we can never have enough of beauty products. It is so easy to lose control and end up buying more than we thought we would on cosmetics. But do not worry, there are ways for us to save more money without giving up our favorite lipstick. Try these 10 tips to tighten up your budget and save some extra cash on makeup this year!

1. Looks for deals, learn the sale cycle and take advantage of big sales

Sign up for emails of your favorite beauty brands. Although getting a lot of emails might be a little bit annoying but this is the best way to never lose track of sales. Learn the sale schedules and set reminder so that you can get good deals. Take advantage of big sales on Christmas or Black Friday to get your favorite high-end lipstick.
Set your budget for cosmetics each month and be flexible. There will be no-cosmetics-shopping months in order to save more money for the big sales.

2. Cut open you products to use them up

Do not be afraid to cut open your pretty product containers. There is often a lot more in the containers that you cannot get to it if you do not cut them open. Even if you can use your foundation just for a few more days, it is still saving.

3. Buy big sizes of your favorite products

Do not buy a small size of your favorite shampoo, buy a big one. It might cost a lot at first but in the long run this will help you save money as economy sizes often cost less.

4. Try DIY for more fun

honey Look at what you already have and try some do-it-yourself cosmetics. For example, you will not have to spend money on scrubs as you have brown sugar and honey. You can also save a lot by mixing olive oil, sugar and honey together to make lip balm. Natural ingredients are good for both your health and your wallet. Treat your skin with a fruit mask on weekend.

5. Be loyal to your store


If you love a brand, show your loyalty to it. Both drugstores and high-end stores have membership programs to give you reward points when you buy their products. You will save some money by receiving coupons, discounts and free samples of the brands.

6. Love the dupes to save more money


The biggest difference between expensive high-end products and their dupes are the price. There are dupes for Sephora, MAC, Benefit… and for almost all famous brands that help you save a lot of money.

7. Always read reviews before purchasing

When you go to the store to buy a lipstick but then you find a cute palette, should you buy it? No, go back home and carefully look at all the reviews whether they are in video form or blog or on Facebook. Each product reacts differently to each person, so try to read as much of reviews as possible. Do not rush to the store as it is the quickest way to waste money. Know the product well before buying it.

8. Use the correct amount of the product

correct amount Avoid using too much makeup to save more money. You should start with a small amount then add up if you need more. Use enough, take enough.

9. Do not throw away empty containers

Some brands like MAC and Lush allow you to bring the empty containers back to get free products. Keeping empty containers lets you save the environment and also your bank account.

10. Treat yourself with a holiday set

You should never miss beauty holiday sets! Not only they have amazing packaging but also they offer a lot of products with both mini size and full size at a lower price. These 20$ gift sets can have the value of $65 so do not miss the deals. Treat yourself on holiday and tighten your budget later.

Yves Saint-Laurent said: “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” We all love the feeling of having a new lip gloss. Playing with makeup is fun but let’s keep these tips in mind to save some money!

Do you still have more advice to give on how to save money on make up? Share with us in the comments!