Transfer money between wallets.

We often withdraw money from our bank account or deposit cash in our bank. So is it possible for us to transfer money from one wallet to another wallet with Money Lover? Yes, follow these steps to keep track of where your money goes!

  • Tap the Three-dots menu button (top right screen) and choose Transfer money
transfer money

  • Fill information: select the target wallet, put in amount of transaction and write note.
transfer transaction

  • See result: $100 will be an outflow for Bank of America account and an inflow for Cash wallet.
Bank of America account transfer transaction

Transfer fee and Exclude report.

When you transfer money between wallet, please notice two following options:

  1. Transfer fee: A mount of money is charged when you transfer money, for example: the fee of withdrawing cash from bank or credit card.
  2. Exclude from report: this transfer won't be recorded as an income or expense for the report. ( But they're actual inflow and outflow)

For example, when you withdraw some money from your bank account to cash, it is not an expense to your bank account, nor an income to your Cash wallet.

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