We have released the feature name "Future Plan" on Android. We started to wonder when we run out of cash for those fixed monthly fees that will happen in a near future, such as the Internet, rents, or other fees. That's when the idea for Future Plan came in.

You can experience this feature just by swiping to the right in Transaction screen. You can Add a future transaction by tapping the Plus button at the right bottom of the screen. With this, we hope to give you a better picture of the amount that you will spend in the near future.


Bill Manager.

We have a lot of bills every month, for example, Internet, rent, electricity. Bill manager helps you:

  1. Schedule to add amount of bills as transaction.
  2. Remind upcoming bill before 3 days.

You can schedule for transactions with these options:

  • Repeat Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly and Yearly.

  • The times the trasaction will repeat, for example every 1 month.

  • The starting day and the end.

Set schedule

For example, Internet bill is automatically added one a month in 16th for 5 times. You can modify the schedule for each transactions or bills.

Recurring transaction.

Do you have any repeating income or expense in a week, month or even quarter?
For example, every Thursday you spend $15 for laundry or get $100 return from interest of loan at the first day of the month. Recurring transaction works in this situation.

Like Bill Manager, you can schedule for recurring transaction.

Future transactions

The next Friday, you definitely have to pay $100 for a new watch or new addidas trainer.
You can add an expense or income which happens in near future. And of course, the transactions is going to be added automatically as schedule.
Future transactions are not repeated as recurring transactions.

Currently, only Android User can use this feature, we are working to bring this function to iOS and WP in near future. Please notice the transaction which is set for future are not sync to Cloud.

To download the latest Money Lover for android, please click here.