What to get from this guide

  1. How to put in the current amount of money you have
  2. How to start adding expenses

Before you read This guide is for Money Lover on iOs. If you are #teamAndroid or #teamWindows, click this for a guide specially made for you.

Get Started

There are two ways as how to start using Money Lover. At the beginning, the balance is Zero (0), while in fact (and of course) you already have a sum of money to start with. For the app to reflect the exact amount you have, you’d want to either Add income, or Adjust balance before you record and categorize your daily transactions.

Adjust balance

Tap adbalance at the top right of the screen. Choose Adjust Balance and enter the amount you have to start with.


Add income

This is an alternative way to get started. See the giant green button plus at the bottom of the screen? Click it to open Add Transaction

To add an income:

  • Enter the amount
  • Select category: Choose Income and its category. Haven't found the Income option? It's right here! income
  • Next step: Pick the date or add a note (optional)


Track Daily Transactions

It's never a bad idea to keep track of your money because it helps you better understand where your money comes and goes. Do it daily to stay on top of your money!

Similarly to Add income, tap pluss at the bottom of the screen to open Add Transaction.

  • Enter the amount
  • Select category: Expense or Income or Debt/Loan and its category.
  • Pick the date or add a note (optional)


Money Lover recognizes the most-used category and later automatically fills it in. Say, you often note Starbucks under Drinks, next time it’s already there when you have your favorite drink.

Want to add more details? You can attach picture, choose location or even set a reminder for the transaction.

We are obsessed with giving users the best experience. Tell us how you feel and what you want to improve about Money Lover in the comment section, because you'll be likely to see the changes you ask for in our updates!