You want to personalize your Money Lover account?

If you think 130++ free icons are not enough for you, let get a new icon pack from our collection. We have 20+ beautiful icon with different themes such as Pet Lovers, Groceries, Party, New Year, Xmas, Daily Care, Banks in USA, Thailand icon, etc.

From August 28 2018, you can by any icon pack with only 5,000 credits. It means it's 40% cheaper than normal price. - Old price was 9,000 credits. (Big Deal)

2 special icon packs (Wonder Women & Successful Men) will not join this promotion.

Money Lover Icon pack

You can by Credits from our stores from Small pack (15,000 credits), Medium pack (50,000 credits) to Large pack (100,000 credits). Price may vary for different countries depend on tax and exchange rate.

Manage paper receipts You could use Money Lover credits to Scan Receipts. It helps you to scan and store paper receipts with Money Lover instead of putting them in a box (then forget them).

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