It's almost time to get used to managing your transactions easier and faster with Money Lover's new feature - Linked wallet.

What is Linked Wallet?

Linked wallet - Money Lover's new feature will automatically record your transactions from electronic purchases. You just need to sign in to any services you want and they will help you:

Auto-record your transactions when you purchased.

Auto-classify transactions chase on categories.

Record automatically transactions
Automatically record transaction connect with your services

Let's have a quick look at the video guide about How to use Linked wallet on Money Lover:

Once you've signed in to your account, all of the transactions will be displayed on your Money Lover (the nearest 3 months). Then, whenever you purchase, you can get that transactions automatically on Money Lover.

Besides Linked wallet, Money Lover also has an awesome feature that works similarly to it - Crypto wallet - to manage your crypto transactions.
Find out more about Crypto wallet here.

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