Today is the day! We're so excited to share with you a brand new logo for Money Lover

Inspired by the earlier logo, our new one is designed with the simpler pig and a bigger penny while still keeping with the Money Lover enthusiasm.

image of the new logo

Why a change

After a long time developing Money Lover and help people all around the world to spend smarter, we notice that the previous symbol is not adapt with some cultures. Also, the old one couldn't have the best display on all the platform.

That's the reasons why we need to change our look emphasizes a simpler but more powerful:

1. The bigger penny shows off "A penny saved is a penny earned" spirit.

2. It can adapt with many cultures all around the world.

2. The new Money Lover logo look good in any devices and any design.

budgeting tricks
Compare the previous logo with the new one

Thank you for giving this community its life and color. We hope that the change can make you have the best experience when using Money Lover.