We are excited to announce a New Money Lover for iOS.

To make MoneyLover more practical and powerful for you on tracking your spending, we've redesigned and rebuilt the iOS version from the ground up.

The first thing you'll notice is our new logo. We also renovate a new logo to make simpler and accessible for you to use.

add the first wallet

Control your spending all-in-one with Tab bar menu.

We have a passion on look after every detail to make sure we can bring the best habitual and natural experiences for iOS users. We're now boost your productivity on MoneyLover by using Navigation bar in the bottom instead of Hamburger menu.

budgeting tricks
Compare the new iOS version with the previous one
You can straightaway to add transactions, checkup your Monthly reports and set up the planning for your money right on the screen without going through complicated steps.
budgeting tricks
Tab bar menu below the main screen
##Specialized tablet version for iPad. Researching on the habit of iOS community, we have knowledge of behavior of iPad users. And now, instead of scaling up from mobile version, we have promoted a specialized tablet version for iPad users.
budgeting tricks

Want to know more about other advanced improvements? Let's turn inside out the video of your new iOS MoneyLover.

And, to help you easier to go well with the app, we have drew up some guidances:

Start using Money Lover

Managing Budgets with Money Lover

How to manage personal debts and loans

Thank you to everyone who helped us Beta test the app for the final releasing.

Finally, it's available on App Store, get it on now! And if you see anthing unusual, don't hesitate to contact to us, we'd love to hear that to make MoneyLover the best to you.