Money Lover has released bank icon collection in the USA, Thailand, Italy and received positive feedbacks from users. Now, we introduce 4th icon pack made only for Malaysian.

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What are bank icons for?

Malaysia Bank wallet with icon

You will not do money management only with cash in your wallet, but the money in the banks. You can create a lot of wallets in Money Lover app, each wallet records money of different accounts or different banks. But when you track the total money, it's hard to see which wallet you used to pay for the red high heels of Gucci or which wallet paid your dining at BBQ nights restaurant. Therefore, you will need this icon pack to label your wallets.

Conveniences of Bank Icon Pack

daily expenses with bank icon

  1. Label and distinguish different wallets
  2. Easy to track source of money that you used to pay for each expense
  3. Make your daily expense record more lively and exciting

Money management is even more exciting by connecting your wallet to MayBank, Public Bank Berhad, RHB and CIMB

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How to get Malaysia Bank Icon

buy icon pack in Money Lover store

Open Money Lover app, go to store and buy it with ONLY RM 0.9 (iOS) or RM 1 (Android)

We hope that Malaysia Bank Icon Pack will be your effective assistant about Money Management!