Over past 4 years, there are 1,000 volunteers have joined Money Lover translation project and helped us translate Money Lover into 34 languages so far.

This's such amazing because many people around the world who're not English speakers can use Money Loverfor personal finance managements by their mother tongues. This partly proves why Money Lover becomes a most popular expense tracker and budget planner app with million happy users across worldwide.

Wanna to join this project? See how you can help us.

Step 1: Join Money Lover Project on Crowdin

We use Crowdin, a platform for translators to contribute to online projects.

You can sign up here https://crwd.in/moneylover. The sign up process is very fast and Crowndin is super easy to use.


Step 2: Select language, pick up unfinished file

translate money lover

Step 3: Translate words or Suggest correct translation

It integrates Microsoft Translator and shows you suggestion.

You can enter your translation in the box and hit Save.

Money Lover strings

If you find some incorrect translations, you can suggest new one or vote for the best version.

vote for best translation

In case you find wrong translation in the app, please take screenshots and send your suggestion to [email protected]. We'd love to get your feedback and will fix it as soon as possible.