In the context, every day, every week, every month you have received tons of bills, hundred of transantions in your bank statement. And the funny thing is you still have to enter things into Money Lover by hand.

No, Money Lover won't let you do it, Linked Wallet is the solution: No more manually entry transactions

How Linked Wallets work

As long as your banks are in this list, you can connect Money Lover with banks right now!

After your bank accounts are linked to Money Lover, they become different wallets. Every transactions you made with linked bank account will automatically added to Money Lover, completely hand-free.

Further more, you can set a budget for like "Food and beverage", it will be automatically adjust your budget as well. It is also the same with Report feature.

Take a look at this video to see how Linked Wallet works <3


Linked PayPal

And not only bank accounts, Linked Wallet can link to PayPal as well.

Just image whenever you buy something from Ebay, Amazon, the transaction will automatically added to Money Lover. You can shop online, make payment online, as long as you used PayPal for these things, Money Lover will record it all for you.

Linked Wallet is easy to set up and incredibly safe. So unless you have an insanely fantastic memory, you can start saving your time and get more done with Linked Wallet. :-)

What people say

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We would like to share user's feedback while using Linked Wallet feature with PayPal.


connect to PayPal account

The login screen for PayPal is quite terrible. It's embarrassing to admit this, honestly. So, when you want to log in PayPal on Money Lover, just swipe the screen to the left.

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