Update on December 28 2016 by Finsify Co.,Ltd

As we have been always proving, your data safety is our ultimate priority. And we are constantly enhancing our security measures.

Money Lover's Linked Wallet has been widely used and well-loved in markets, namely America, Europe, Indonesisa, Vietnam and many more.

We are working with banks to further improve safety of bank account's connection to Money Lover.


Why does Money Lover need my login information?

We use your login username and password so that we can build a secure connection with your bank(s). This information enables us to download and categorize your transaction info securely and automatically.

How does Money Lover store my login information?

We store your login username and password in an isolated and multi-layered database. Your information is encrypted both in the database and in between your bank account and Money Lover. We only store the data needed to automatically sync and update your transactions, so you no longer have to do it manually.

What if I lose my mobile device or someone steals it?

We recommend you set a PIN in Money Lover. You can change your PIN and password to block any unwanted access, or delete the Linked Wallet completely, this will also delete all your Linked Wallet data.

How can I close my Linked Wallet on Money Lover?

Go to My Wallets. Choose your Linked Wallet and click on the Delete option. After confirming, your Linked Wallet data will be removed.

For further security information, check out our Terms of Use

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