Are you tired of asking yourself the question:” Where did my money go?” ? Is it complicated for you to keep track of your spending each month and plan your saving?
Are you running out of money?

If your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, definitely you are having trouble with money management. Obviously, money management is such a painful process when you have to keep track of all your spending, budgeting, saving and investing. Even if you have a lot of money, you still need to control it.
Do you know that financial issues are not about how little money do you have but how bad you manage your financial account?

Now most people will need a pencil, a notebook or excel sheet and a lot of time to start figuring out how they will use their money. But you will not need any of those because you have the simplest solution ever: Money Lover

Money Lover 1

Who is Money Lover?

We are, we all love money and that is why you will love Money Lover app.

  • This app is an amazing friend who will help you keep track of your money.

  • You will have everything you need to manage your finances in your phone, your tablet, PC and web. Money Lover is available on IOS, Android and Windows Phone

But exactly, how does Money Lover help us?

  • This app provides all the tools and features that any financial manager will need.

  • It will help you track your daily spending in just a few minutes.

  • With Money Lover, you can create your monthly budgeting plan.

  • It will send you an alert when you are overspending. Now you will reach your saving goals faster and easier than ever!

But is that all? No.

Money Lover will be your financial reporter. This app provides bar and pie charts which give you an accurate picture of your expense, income or balance as well in a specific period. You will always stay on top of your money.

Money Lover 2 And if you are too busy that you often forget the upcoming bills, you will love this app even more.

With only a few steps, this application will always remind you of your rental bill, Internet or cable subscription before the due date.

You can access your data at anytime from your phone, tablet to PC & laptop.

Money Lover is your all-in-one application for money management.

Wait no more! Say goodbye to stress and start managing money in the simplest way with Money Lover. Let’s have some fun while never losing track of your spending and saving up some more.