Updated on February, 24th

Yes, we have received all your feedback and read all of your comments. That's why we improve Money Lover everyday by coming up with new features, fixing bugs and giving you the best support. Wait no more, here is the list of what is new on Money Lover this February!

1. Big Sale Off: 45% Icon Banks in Thailand

icon banks

Tick tock tick tock, the time is running out! Purchase your Icons: Bank in Thailand now for just only 19 BHT (45% Off!!!). Hurry up, the sale will only last until the 28th of February!

2. Android: Transferring money is becoming more convenient

Let's see what's new with transferring money between two wallets. We have updated a new category called Withdrawal. Now you do not need to "Select category" because it is unnecessary. Withdrawing money from one wallet to another is easier and more convenient!

withdraw money

3.New feature: Budgets Forecast

We understand that creating a budget is so simple but managing it is a different story. That’s why we made a new improvement: Budgets Forecast!
Wanna know how it works and how it will help you? Click here!

Thanks to your support, we are still trying our best to help you manage your personal finance. Yes, because money matters!

We would love to receive your comments and feedback on our service. Do you have any questions or feedback? Send us an email via [email protected] or drop a comment below and we will see what we can do :-)