We know that you have had great experience with Money Lover. It can be better with Premium version. Here're reasons why!

No more advertising banner

ads free

Everyone hates advertising banners, but it always appears with free users. Let's upgrade to premium and you won't be disturbed by any advertisements.

Create multiple wallets, budgets & savings

manage more wallets We allow free users to experience basic features with 2 wallets, 1 budget, 1 saving, 1 event. Meanwhile Premium users have unlimited access to all the features. That means you can create more than 2 wallets and similarly, budgets, savings, events.

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Work on various platforms

works across platforms The most incredible thing is: you will be premium user on all platforms. Although you have an android phone, an ipad and a window laptop, your 3 devices can experience Money Lover's premium version.

In case you change your phone, or hard reset it, just log in to your account in any device and still be premium user. You won't need to contact us or wait to be restored.

Great Premium experience!

Premium users feedback

Users over the world appreciate Money Lover after upgraded to premium. People think that Money Lover is a great app and they pay for premium, how about you?

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