What's new in Money Lover? Updating information about Web version right now.

⛔️ Note: Currently, the web is a beta version and maybe will have some errors in the using process. Money Lover wishes you can understand and send feedback to us via email at contact[@]moneylover[.]me.


Why Money Lover upgraded Web version?

Wish to bring the maximum and comprehensive experience for users. Money Lover upgrades the web version with the many utilities:

Multiple devices

Now you can use Money Lover anywhere, on any device whether in the office or in a cafe, using your phone or computer, you can add a transaction, see the report on the situation of expenditure,...

Save time and resources

Money Lover supported Windows platform and there has been a Beta for MacOS. However, you have to download the application and install it on your computer. With the web version, you only need to log in quickly when entering the browser that helps you don't waste time and resources for the computer.

What's new?

If the old version only has a function which enters quick transactions. The Web version is developed and selected from the mobile app and optimized for the computer user experience.


More reports to better understand your habits and make adjustment quickly.



Now you can create or review your budget plans on Money Lover Web. See how much you spent and our prediction with Budget Forecast.


Other features

🔻Currently, the new Web supports Basic wallet and Linked wallet. Regarding about Goal wallet and Credit wallet will be updated soon on the Web.

🔻On the web version has add transactions button, search bar, account management, ...

🔻The remaining features will be updated to the next Web version of Money Lover.

👉 Let experience the new web version for your computer by click on the "Explore Web Version" button below.



👉 Keep track of personal expenditure and income

👉 Set a plan and balance your spending