We often keep money in more than one wallet such as "Cash" Wallet, "Bank Account" Wallet, "Credit Card" Wallet, etc. So what if you borrow someone in cash but you pay them by transferring money to their Bank Account, can you record the transaction with Money Lover? Yes, here are the simple steps:

Take a look at your Debts

For example, you borrow $100 from your friend, Ben and he gives you $100 in cash.
In your Cash Wallet, a Debt transaction is recorded as a Cash Inflow, so the balance of your wallet increases:

Add a Debt

Your balance = $1000

Add a Debt = $100

Your new balance = $1100

Pay your debts from another wallet

Now Ben may ask you to pay him back by transferring $100 to his bank account. After you have made the transaction, how can you record your payment with Money Lover?

Paid from Bank Account Very easy:
Go to Transactions details
Touch on Debt
Choose Cashback
Choose to paid from Bank Account Wallet, then Save

Balance of Wallet You will see the balance of your Bank Account Wallet decreases by $100.
Your Cash Wallet will receive $100 from your Bank Account Wallet and use that money to pay for Ben, so the balance of your Cash Wallet will remain the same.

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