Money Lover provide professional solutions to be better in money management.


Report feature lets you review your cash inflow and outflow to plan

cashflow report


Debt: Do not let debts and loans get out of control, manage them with Money Lover!

Exp: you borrow Ben $100. Ben gives you $100 in cash. In your wallet, you add a Debt of $100. A Debt transaction is recorded as a Cash Inflow so your balance increases by $100.



Budget feature in Money Lover determine how much you want to spend on each category (Food, Bills, etc.) over a week or month. You will get a notice when spending over 50%, 80% or over spending. It help you adjust your spending behaviour and stick with your plan.


Adjust Balance

Adjust Balance Just in case you can't remember all your transactions and your current amount of money in your real wallet is not the same with Money Lover's wallet. Then you can adjust it wit adjust balance feature.

Transfer Money

Transfer money We often withdraw money from our bank account or deposit cash in our bank. So is it possible for us to transfer money from one wallet to another wallet with Money Lover? Yes, it is about this feature


Linked Wallet

Linked Wallet One of our best feature in Money Lover is Linked Wallet.
Connect to your bank accounts, Every transactions you made with linked bank account will automatically added to Money Lover