Keeping receipts is quite trouble

After paying for a goods or a service, what will you do with the receipts? It's quite trouble because: if you keep them, they are messy and occupy your space; but if you don't keep them, you have nothing to review when you are in need.

receipts box

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There are 2 popular ways to keep receipts:

  1. Keep in a box: When you need old receipts to review, you can find them back. You also can classify receipts by category or date.
  2. Take pictures: you can keep photos of receipts in your phone - but it'll take time to find and arrange photo album.

These 2 ways have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, Money Lover gives you the 3rd way to deal with this stuff: Scan Receipts feature.

Scan Receipt - the convenience of modern life

Nowaday, receipts are a necessary paper for us when shopping or using services. Receipts help us check out payment and partly control expenses.

However, the ways to keep receipts of people is somehow inconvenient. That's why Money Lover releases Scan Receipts Feature - store and mangage your receipts effectively.

money lover scan receipts feature

The advantages of Scan Receipt Feature:

  1. No keeping paper receipts
  2. Upgrade your receipts into lively transactions
  3. The transaction has enough information: category, amount, note, wallet, date, place.
  4. Money Lover stores your photo of receipt, you'll never lost it
  5. The transactions are stored and reported normally

Guideline for scan receipt with Money Lover

Open/Set up Money Lover and follow these steps to scan receipts:
scan receipt guideline by money lover