Okay! Keep calm and say aloha to your Money Lover for Win 10.

Yup! That's exactly what you heard! Today we're releasing Money Lover Universal for Win 10.
Let's discover this great version on Windows 10.

Spilt views to optimize for computers

Universal for Win 10 will work across all form-factors and as such, now you can use it full-filled computer view. You can see it up right on the transaction screen specially when you tap to the Overview.
Then, the magic shows up

Your screen become the split view and you can see and edit, add any time.
It's great, right?
The simplest change you can see is that you're using the multi-function, a optimized version for Windows. It's not rely on the mobile version.
Not as same as the mobile version, now you can always use multiple tasks in one screen.
And of course, you can use the great version for Windows phone 10.
Let's have a quick tutorial with Windows phone 10.

Fast jump, fast furious? Why not?

Have you tired of scrolling day by day to find the transaction?
Say goodbye to the out of fashion and open heart for the new look: Fast jump in transaction.
You can jump fast in the right day to see the chosen transaction, Left click to any day you see and boom!

Here's the day which you've recorded your transaction.
Pick the day you want to see transaction you need.

Anything else?

A lot of. More professional, more effective, less time you need.
All you can see in the Universal Money Lover for Windows 10.
Okay! We've been through a quick introduction of Universal Money Lover for Windows 10.
So, let's start using it now to see the magic on
And, you are the magician, too
Send us anything you feel it issues or anything you want to improve .
We're looking forward all of them to make the dream come true.