We often withdraw money from our bank account or deposit cash in our bank. So is it possible for us to transfer money from one wallet to another wallet with Money Lover? Yes, follow these steps to keep track of where your money goes!

Transfer money between two wallets

Step 1: Open the right menu and choose Transfer money

Step 2: Fill in the information for the transaction, for example you want to withdraw $100 from your Bank Account wallet to deposit to Cash Wallet Amount: $100

From: Bank Account wallet

To: Cash Account wallet

Exclude from report: this transfer will not be recorded as an income or expense for the report. When you withdraw $100 from your Bank Account wallet to Cash wallet, it is not an expense to your Bank Account wallet nor an income to your Cash wallet.

You can choose to add transfer fee as an amount of money might be charged when you transfer money.

$100 will be an outflow for Bank of America account and an inflow for Cash wallet.


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