Goal Wallet is Saving Goal Tracker that helps you plan and manage your savings. Learn how to use this type of wallet.

5 functions of Goal Wallet you need to know:

  1. Goal Wallet helps you specify your target, the amount and the exact time you need to save.

  2. Helps you manage logically when using various saving methods: passbook, piggy bank,...

  3. Helps you to implement a short-term savings plan quickly and efficiently.

  4. Goal Wallet helps you to plan and keep track of long-term savings.

  5. In case of withdrawal in the middle of saving the plan, Goal Wallet helps you to calculate numbers, reset goals, and continue the process.

🎉Wish you success and have a lot of fun experiencing Money Lover. If you have any savings plan, make it happen right now, don't hesitate with it anymore 🤑