How to use Money Lover? Lots of people ask us a same questions about using Money Lover to track and organize their finances.

We think it's much more better to make videos that help you easily learn and start using Money Lover.

We started with basic features like expense tracker, budget planner, debt manager, security ... and will keep updating...

1. Tracking your money

Core function of Money Lover is helping people easily keeping track of daily expenses and even income then show them overview reports about their spending habits.



Track your expenses and budgets

2. Planning Budget

Budget Plans can include money for rent, money for bills, money for living expenses, money for the occasional entertainment, and whatever else you deem necessary. This will make it easier for you not to overspend.



3. Reports

Money Lover reports will give you total number inflow/ outflow and overview of your spending behavior on each category like Food, Shopping, etc.



4. Record Money Transfer

It shows you how to record after withdraw from bank account to cash or deposit money to bank account from other sources.


5. Setup Fingerprint/ PIN code

Supported Android & iOS. We have video on iOS only.

You can do it on Android too. Go to Settings on the left Menu.

If your phone does not support Fingerprint, you can add your PIN code to ensure that no one could access to your expense history and statement.

iOS Guide:

6. Debt management



Track your repayments:

Manage Debt & Track repayment

7. Loan management



8. Free vs Premium version

If you love Money Lover, please consider to upgrade Premium to remove ads, export data,... and support our team.

Upgrade to Money Lover today for a better money management

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