How many wallets are you managing with Money Lover? The wallets list becomes disorganized when you simultaneously monitor a lot of wallets with different sources of money and currencies.

Wallet manager helps people organize their wallets. Do archive the wallet which you no longer use or disable the notification, start to function wallets as the way you want. Check out 4 funtions on how you can start getting organized.

  1. Archive wallet
  2. Exclude from total
  3. Enable notification
  4. Delete wallet

wallet manager

Access Wallet manager from the left menu (at the bottom of wallets list). Touch to particular wallet and begin to function.

Archive wallet: Freeze this wallet, so you are not able to add transactions, edit or generate recurring transactions or bills as well. Do it if you still access this wallet but do not want to remove it.

Exclude from total: Do not count this wallet's transaction and its balance in TOTAL mode.

For example, Dave is managing 3 wallets: cash, banking account and other named "Blue Shop" for his small boutique. He sets Blue Shop as exclude from total, so when he goes to Total, he only views the expenses and incomes generated from cash and bank wallets.

Enable notification: Get notified when there are any changes to this wallet's transactions. Uncheck the box if you do not want to get notifications.

Delete wallet: Remove the wallet and its transaction. If you want to start from the scratch or clear all data belongs to this wallet, consider to delete it. (You can not recovery deleted wallet).

Take few minutues to explore these funtions and start to manage your wallets in better way.

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